Special Allocation Service

Special Allocation Service for South East London

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Return to General Practice

Patients will be invited for a review on a minimum 6 monthly basis, to speak with a GP and/or relevant party, with the aim to map out the patients return to general practice, at the discretion of the GP.

In exceptional circumstances, an Exception Discharge Panel (EDP) may determine a patient unsuitable for the Special Allocation Service (SAS), and recommend discharge to the NHS commissioners.

The SAS shall work with Primary Care Support England (PCSE) to ensure patients can be discharged from the service within 3 months of a continued positive review from clinical staff.

The SAS will ensure that patients have sufficient medication to allow for time taken to register at a new practice. The SAS will support the patient in their application to a new practice, and ensure the receiving practice is aware of any referrals in progress.

Patients who have not registered at a new practice after 3 months will be automatically discharged by the SAS.
If a patient moves out of the catchment area of the SAS and registers with another GP, the SAS shall:

  • Notify the new provider of the patient’s registration with the SAS.
  • Contribute as required to the assessment of appeals made by patients referred to the scheme including, where appropriate, the carrying out of a risk assessment.

Please see the Appeals Process.